Code of Conduct for Students:

1. Students are to help to keep the campus neat and clean. Spitting and littering in the campus should be avoided. Students should not misuse items of property on the campus

2. Students are to obtain clearance from the College before the University examination.

3. Students should not indulge in any kind of ragging, harassment of any kind towards their peers.ย 

4. Students are to adhere to the timetable for attending classes and extra-curricular activities

5. Studentsโ€™ attendance in all major College Functions is strongly encouraged

6. Students are to respect the rights and dignity of every teaching and non-teaching staff member.

7. Students not attending classes for more than a week are to inform the Teacher In charge about the reason for their absence.

8. Students are to carry their Identity card inside the campus.

9. Use of Mobile phones during lectures is strongly discouraged.

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