Historical Perspective of College

Government College for Girls, Unhani was established in 2018 with an aim to provide the qualitative education for the students of rural and semi-rural areas around Unhani. It provides quality education for Girls.ย  It offers B.A., B.Com, B.Sc Non-Medical courses. The college is affiliated to Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur Rewari.ย The institution is spread overย  08 acres of area and it has lush green campus, spacious building, play ground, Library and Multipurpose hall for conducting various program like cultural programs, conferences, seminars, workshops, indoor games etc. and girls common room. It also has the facility of Women cell, Placement cell, legal literacy cell, sexual harassment cell, red cross cell, sports room etc. The college ensures optimum utilization of the infrastructure facilities provided. Well located and protected campus is the paradise for the young girls.

The college is proud to have many of its graduates to occupy positions in various agencies and institutions of higher education where they perform their ability to meet the challenges. It welcomes students, wishing them success and excellence in their studies and with hopes that they prove to continue towards brighter and more prosperous future for the Unhani (Kanina) area.ย ย